Sunday, November 18, 2007

Painting: class work

Tiny pieces
Oil on Gessoed Matt board

I did this for a project. I usually draw from life, but this time it was mostly from memory with a bit of photo help.

I wanted them to be painterly, and a bit vague... So... I think I got that.

I dunno. I like painting from life. These are okay, but probably aren't going to be my favorites any time soon.

These aren't all of them. I did a very large number. These are just the ones I don't want to burn.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Drawing a Day - 4

Books a Million
Pen and Paper

This one took me the longest. Turned out the best too, yo. Happy!

Drawing a Day - 3

Justin Reading
Pen and Paper

Yep... given more than five minutes I can do pretty well. Of course this isn't much more than that. Dude wouldn't quit squirming and I had to basically give it up ^_^

Drawing a Day - 1,2

Blind Contour Drawing
Pen and Paper

It's fun to do these 30 sec things without looking at the paper. I love 'em! though I don't just do the contour as you can see... adding shading without looking is hard! I haven't had time to paint or do anything except these quick things on my lunch break. And I got locked out of my house so I did two works at books a million. Drawing, of course. I'll upload those in a second!