Sunday, July 26, 2009

Frog Person

Frog Person
Ink and Watercolor on colored board

I love my little frog people that I draw and paint. They are very macabre in their own little way. I've been working with developing a whole mythology surrounding them, and they are quite interesting.

For the most part, all people have to know about these creatures is that they don't matter well. They do not hold themselves together when they enter a world based in matter. They have to think about everything in so much detail, it is quite exhasting and most prefer to stay in their own little world. But a few are curious, and come out on occasion.

In one of my stories, Hermes would be considered a fairly well advanced frog person, though he looks nothing like a frog. I might post little excerpts as I post more of these creatures, or just little ideas about where these strange things come from, and what they want. Or don't want. They are complex for being so simple.

I think these things come about from my preoccupation with the sub atomic structure of the world and how it holds together.

I hope you enjoy my less realistic work!