Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am so excited! My studio space is very close to being done though I wish I would have had before and after pictures, I can't believe I almost got it done in a week. One more day will have it.

And I got to see Katy! I drove down to see her, and got to spend fun time with my sleep deprived friend (Poor Katy) and then I drove to Florida that night (Poor Me). So... I'm in Florida! I mostly came down because I want to paint. So... I haven't. But I will. I brought EVERYTHING. Traveling studio!

Of course that means I haven't written a Giacometti article. But... in my defense, I did do something really awesome. WEBSITE! I now have a website! Ok. So it isn't the most awesome thing, but I think it is, so there. Hehehe. I have two. The only one with anything on it is though the much cooler name is , how awesome is that? And I now know what I'm going to do with it, but it's secret.

Anyway, internet is expensive so I'll respond to all emails and comments when I get back home. Right now just let me say, "Thank you!!" It means so much to me!


Monday, June 09, 2008

Painting a Day Will be Back!

Hey Everyone!

After a hiatus where I had a show, graduated, worked and started moving crap out of the upstairs bedroom so I can have a northlit studio, I've decided to start doing daily paintings. I should start not this week but next, giving me time to finish up the cleaning of the room and hopefully get a lot of junk ebayed or garage sold.

My show went well, I graduated manga cum laude (stupid job), and I'm really excited about having a studio space where I can actually get crap done! Yay!

In other news, I'm putting my library up on Librarything and it's going well. I've got about 300 books just tonight and I've got too many left to go, and not one of Justin's books! Right now the site is down or I'd post a link directly to my library, or put a link on my blog. I mean, I've put every book (not just art books) that I own, so a lot of crap might come up too.

Also! A lot of people are coming here with the search word "Giacometti" Awesomely, this is the subject of the next artcle I'm writing. Yay. All about what my teachers call the Giacometti method, though I'm not sure what it really has to do with him since it doesn't really look like how he worked. Anyway, I'll explain it better in the article, look for it in about two weeks!