Sunday, August 12, 2007

Commission: Design: Wooden Plaque

Wall Plaque
Wood, Acrylic, Gold Pen

Well, I haven't been doing a painting a day, but I have been doing several commissions. I've just finished this one.

This one I did for my dad. It is free handed, no stencil or template. And it's scanned so you might not be able to see the gold. It actually looks like gold. Very nice and glittery gold. There is a neat kind of border, but it wouldn't fit in the scanner so I just cropped it down to the name.

That I actually finished this with work going on is amazing... and since I've been painting on a large commission as well... I feel down right productive. Except nothing is getting finished. So I don't feel productive at all. Oh well. I'll post the large painting once I'm finished. I've only been working on it for.. oh... EVER.

Or that's what it feels like.

I'm not going to complain about my job, because I actually don't dislike it. Just Monday. I love everything else about it. Well, just about ;D.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Painting a Day - On Hold

I'm sure everyone's noticed that I haven't been updating regularly. Well, it's because I got a job and it is wearing me out. I'm not used to working and being on my feet all day. I usually just come home and go straight to bed and then wake up to go to work.

But it is fun. I'm framing stuff at Hobby Lobby and now I'm in charge of all the needle art and fabric art coming in. So far everyone's told me the big thing is preserving the needleart so it automatically gets acid free everything, but they are using Nylon and Polywhatever thread to lace cotton fabrics. It's insane. And then they leave the metal pins in the foam board. I had to take everything they had done and redo it. And I'm not sure what some of these people who bring in this stuff are thinking. Take care of your fabrics people!!

I used to think the saddest thing would be to see $10 prints in $500 frames. No, the saddest thing is seeing really wonderful works framed cheaply. It just makes me want to cry. And people make me want to cry. I love everything about my job except working with people. I had one lady tell me that I was terrible. Yes, I am slow, but I've been working three days. Yes, Jared's is going to look better because you are a cheap little ho and won't spend and extra .75 to paper the back. And, no, I am not a bad artist. Multi Award winning artist, professional artist, and a really good artist. Not bad artist. You are just too cheap to go for the mat board that will actually look good. I told you what would work, but NO. And it's like that day after day after day...

There are good people too. They are just more sporadic. Ah well.

The best part is that I get mat board scraps! The big pieces have to go back to Greco, but I get to buy pieces that are smaller than a 5x7! We used to throw them away, but I asked if I could have 'em and the manager said I had to buy 'em, but at a really, really cheap price for a pile of them.

So now I'm getting more pieces for the painting a day, and they are cut well! A bit smaller than I've been working on, but I'm so tired I might only be able to do that. Of course on a day off I might do two or three! Oh! And different shapes! Circles and such. Fun! I still have to buy 'em though. I might have enough at the end of the week. I need to buy shellac too. I'm out of that. Or I might just gesso. But I really like the way shellac looks. But since I'm working with different colored mat board, gesso might be the best option.

I might paint some tomorrow, but I'm going to try and get my room clean. It's really messy since I've just been waking up, going to work, coming home, sleeping, repeat, all the time. Gah. But I have the day after off too, so I'll definitely get some painting done then.