Saturday, September 27, 2008


Faux Fauve
Crap watercolors and crap colored pencils

Yes, I decided to use some art supplies my boyfriend had lying around (ooh, you know they're bad now!) to doodle while we went to go get coffee. So here is another image of my boyfriend on the computer done with a (modified) fauve palette. I didn't have yellow ochre (obviously) and there was nothing remotely resembling alizarin crimson. But it was a fun little study, and I kind of liked it.

Justin is pretty good about staying still while doing video games. Heh. Roseart pencils are ok, as long as you're not expecting great results. I haven't worked like this in awhile though, so this was fun. I mean getting all nitpicky with my drawings. I should do it more. I think it turns out saleable if I do it with real art supplies. I mean, not that my goal is to do sellable art. I just want my art to sell. *thinks* I hope that makes sense. :P


Where I Am

These are fun. I like going somewhere and whipping out a pen and having at the area. Most of the time I'll do the watercolor at the same time, but sometimes I'll go back and add some more. Or just a bit if I don't get any down first. I think a bit of color helps. Don't have any of those though. These three were colored on site.

People and Shoes
Pen and watercolor

Yes, I love doodling people and shoes. Chances are, if I pull out my sketchbook, I'll either doodle people, or my feet. Or other people's feet, but that gets a bit weird. No one is posing, it's a lot like my sketches of children from camp post. These are done Uber fast, and messily, but I think I get the gesture. (I had some gesture drawings in the book as well, but they are pretty boring to look at, I might get a hundred of them and post them in one giant image, but later) I start always by short gesture drawings and then kinda easing into these. 

Pen, watercolor

And then I have my little ideas, not done from life (Sooo easy to tell that) but I have an idea and I want to get it down. I have a fair few of these, they rarely turn out good, but these were ok (or maybe it's that I just like the idea!) and so... POST!

Oh, and yes, I'm still doing Bohemia Academia, but I've only got inked images, and I wanted to wait until I paint them, but I'm more interested in the drawing... And so I just don't post anything. Bleh. And I don't post on here, and for that I am a bad artist. Er... blogger. I'm a bad artist for a whole other reason ^_^. 

My job is ok. I'm a receptionist. Only thing I can say about it is, "I have money, I guess" but I'm not sure it's a good trade off. (Don't listen to me kids, grow up, get a job, make your parents proud... *sigh*) And my job ruined my sleep schedule. I can't sleep past nine on the weekends. The only reason I slept until 11 today was I took a pain pill last night for my back and... ugh... I hate, hate, HATE medication. It did loosen up my back, but then I felt completely ill the entire night. I feel better now though. 

I'll be having an art day soon, so I'll have more finished work to post and all. And I might get a friday off, and I'll write up about the faux fauve like I promised, or black line painting, or the onion palette, or blocking in with burnt sienna instead of black, or my ideas about multi demensional universes. Or... something. Or more art! I dunno. 

Friday, September 12, 2008


Nah, just working and psudo breaking my foot. XD Still hurts though.

Adjusting to a new sleep schedule is hard, but I'm doing art work again, so I'll start posting again really soon. I'm itching to do a whole new blog style. It really needs an upgrade!