Saturday, September 27, 2008


Faux Fauve
Crap watercolors and crap colored pencils

Yes, I decided to use some art supplies my boyfriend had lying around (ooh, you know they're bad now!) to doodle while we went to go get coffee. So here is another image of my boyfriend on the computer done with a (modified) fauve palette. I didn't have yellow ochre (obviously) and there was nothing remotely resembling alizarin crimson. But it was a fun little study, and I kind of liked it.

Justin is pretty good about staying still while doing video games. Heh. Roseart pencils are ok, as long as you're not expecting great results. I haven't worked like this in awhile though, so this was fun. I mean getting all nitpicky with my drawings. I should do it more. I think it turns out saleable if I do it with real art supplies. I mean, not that my goal is to do sellable art. I just want my art to sell. *thinks* I hope that makes sense. :P

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Monica Crowe said...

I'm having fun trying to figure out the places you sketched in your previous post. How do you watercolor on the go? That's something I've never figured how people do. I'm more of a Prismacolor gal on the go but dream of portable water media.