Sunday, March 08, 2009

Books and Videos!

A lot of fun new things are happening this year. For one art related thing, I'm getting a piece worked on that has been taking me a couple of years now (see last post) and I've started painting live on ustream. 

It was an interesting first show. I don't think next time I will have a live model. Especially my younger brother. I will also probably teach more, as last time I was just trying to get back into painting. I did talk about the Giacometti method a bit, though only a few had logged on long enough to see that. I will definitely hit on that, and other techniques more. 

The only reason I didn't is that my brother was moving. A lot. And talking. And trying to be a giant ham and a half. :P But he's twelve. I'll paint him again when he turns thirty. And that show wasn't recorded, so it's all good. 

Right now, I'm going to get my studio fixed up a bit more. Its a bit difficult to have so many people in here while a show is going on. Too many things get knocked over, and I never paint sitting down, so I've got to work on not running into my tripod.  Right now I'm only using a small net book and a webcam for the show, but if I keep doing this, I will upgrade. As it is now, I'm going to work on shows where I actually teach /something/ and then maybe write it up and blog it. Or just record it and slap it to my blog. 

I just went to the bookfair yesterday, so I will also be getting all the books I got up on library thing. The link to my Librarything is here: Justin and I have quite the obsession. I can't believe how many I get. Especially at the fair, because there are some books I really don't want to spend money on, but if they are going for either twenty-five cents or a buck, yeah I'll buy 'em! 

Well, I've got work ahead of me, so I'm off. I'll post a picture of what I painted on the show once the light in this room gets right.