Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Painting That has been giving me fits

So it's time for me to post the painting I've been working on for three years. Since, you know, I get about 20 people a day to the blog, and I haven't added an image for... uh... a long friggen while.

Ok, so here is the image I am working on:

It's 3ft x 3ft and I've been messing with it piece meal for three years and I've kinda developed a block on it. Today I finished the vase, blocked in the dress and hair, and as you can see only the background and curtain are even beginning to look good. 

The original of this image was painted by an artist named Depujoles. Here is the original:

Now, I also have a photograph of this woman that I am working with:

And the original wasn't really liked so I've been trying to fix some things, and yet still have the same sort of idea going through the thing. UGH! I've got to work on her head, the lace of her dress, the roses, the book, and the chair. Pretty much everything except the vase, the red veil, and the background. I think I will do the roses and chair next. Then the dress, and then the hands and books, and then the lace, and finally I'll fix the head to really work. I have the values blocked in, but the colors are off.

I'm so much better when I work from life :P

Well anyway. Just thought someone might be interested.

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