Friday, April 24, 2009

Drawing a Day - 9

Ah, it's the little things that keep me sane. Like doing these doodles of Justin when I have a spare couple of minutes. They're much more fun than working on the giant painting.

I did paint online yesterday, but I did not twitter. I am glad I got some of the painting done, however I did it. I got the book laid in, and one of the hands looks really good. I also played a bit with lace and her neck, but that's all going to get covered up. Next time I should have the hands, book and rose all done, and then I'll post a picture on the blog. 

I also started something yesterday, but completely trashed it. It's been awhile since I've done that. Not really so much for the bad painting (thought that didn't help my decision) but because it would not have worked. My client would like it to be sealed onto his car, and what I thought would work would have been a disaster. There is a reason we should all take chem! Yay for science! I forgot a couple little facts. Ah well. I'm preparing my substrate better tonight, and hopefully get the drawing done. I will not paint until my foundation is good. 

I hope to have this done before the weekend is over, and then work on the Adams image. 

If I can get these two things done, I think stress will be a lot lower. I'll twitter when I'm working online next time!


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