Sunday, August 23, 2009

Frog Person 2

Well, uploading it as PNG keeps the image in the correct orientation, though I don't see why it should have an effect. Thank you for the help!

This is my second frog person. I still love them! I doodle them all the time. I've got them everywhere. They are so creepy, and so neat! I can't wait to write out their whole sort of history or at least a specific story.

Anyway, once I get my car and get to all my other images, I'll post more. I hope to have my car in about two days... and two hundred dollars later. *cry* If it's not three tires its the brakes.

And if it's not the car it's me crushing my hand in the door of the cardboard crusher. Well, I had help with that, I'm not completely incopetent! I can type now (yay!) and the bruise looks better (yay!)

Then perhaps I'll get on schedule. I hope so, because I can't take many more accidents.

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