Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Still At It!

I've been painting a lot recently and playing around with my web presence on this blog, my website, and my facebook. If you look on the left side I have a like button for the page! Still trying to get more photos on it but I can do that later.

I couldn't wait to get back to the studio to paint so I set up on my friend's floor! Just gotta watch for paint spills!

I've also been doing these small (4x5) paintings for fiverr.com, so if you want one there will probably never be a better deal on my art. I'll post a direct link later. Soon I will switch from my hand made archival canvas board to my gessoed and shellacked mat and illustration board because of price. I can't handle a ton of new orders now, so I'll be posting the link when I can and if you are really interested in a piece of my art right now it's pretty easy to find!

I'll also, when I get the photographs of my art done, be posting my drawings and paintings from school, and some of those will be available for you to buy as well. That'll be awhile yet, but it'll happen. In chunks :)

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