Monday, May 30, 2011

Painting a Day - 37

Oil on Canvas
I can't say this one is my favorite but it's not too bad. I know I learned a lot from it.

I can almost make out my whole room in the reflective darkness that is the eggplant, so I was fighting being too detailed. I think I managed a fairly good looseness. I will also get a better photo of this thing because there are a lot of colors I put into the painting that just aren't showing up. I love putting pure pops of color into dark areas of paintings so it was fun to play with that. Greens and blues and cad red lights and yellows!

My eggplant also had a dent in it. I'm not sure it's showing up as such in the painting though, it gave me fits.
And I will say I've used the same back fabric and wood cutting board for all of my paintings and I think I'm getting super good at getting the wood and patterned fabric without going into too much detail, yet still tricking the eye into seeing detail.

And I'm happy my lemon painting has been sold on eBay. There are still the tomato and plum pieces, and I'll be uploading the pear tomorrow.

If they do not sell on eBay I will be posting the paintings on my new Etsy site, and updating the links on the pictures.

I've got to make my site automated... Soon!

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