Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Painting - Sari Lady

Lady in Sari
Acrylic on Paper

Okay, so it's really not giant, but it's much bigger than I'm used to working. Around 22 x 28, though I haven't actually measured it. I did it with left over walmart craft paint and some paper I had left over from some other craft project.

I've been suffering from insomnia pretty bad, and I've been doing this when my mind can't take any more coding. Apparently it can't take any more photographs either, but, eh, I'll work on that tomorrow! No matter how I hold my iPhone or prop my picture up, her head looks darker. Bah. Even a bit of creative post production didn't help it, not that I was trying that hard.

I keep looking at this going, "I wish I had a real model... " Photographs don't usually work for me, and that's all I had. Of course, even if I did have a model I don't have a sari for them to model. Although I do have a ton of fabric. I'm sure I could have rigged something up.

Anyway, I am pretty proud of the fact that I did a larger painting, even as just a reaction to not sleeping. When I'm done with my project, I'm going to do more I think!


Summer Daniels said...
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Summer Daniels said...
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Vi said...

Ooh! You definitely should! I use a lot of printer paper for sketching and building and the base scannable image for my computer work, but I haven't used it for a real project in awhile. When you get something done, please post or send a link do I can see :D

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Love the colors.