Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Painting a Day - 16

Rose Madder
Oil on Gessoed Card
Rather small

Well, I've decided things have slowed down enough for me to try this again. "Slowed Down" meaning I've decided to not try and kill myself with a crappy workload. This one is actually scanned because all my lights (just about) are out and I can't get good light. And I don't want to use flash. Scanning is probably worse, but it is also easier for me. At least now while I'm so friggin' tired.

I did this little series to see what I could do with different toned grounds. I started out trying to do little self portraits on them, but that didn't work out so well with my heavy workload and these cute little things happened. This one is Rose Madder and I like this one. The toned ground was pretty fun. I'd like to substitute this red for cad red light/vermilion and see how it acts in the Zorn Palette. Obviously this little sketch was not done with that palette, but it worked out well so we won't hold that against it.

I will say I don't like how I did the cast shadows. I didn't open them up enough and the colors are a little more bright than I'm used to working.

I like how the little tubes of paint have lots of specks of color from being in the paint box. Some have clearance stickers that are perfect! This one was pretty basic, full, not very dirty though it did have some nice green paint specks on it. I love grumbacher and I'm lucky that all the colors I wanted to try were. I'd hate to have a series where they were all different. Of course I did tone with gold acrylic and paint that container as well. Oh well.

I've also been working on some more writing on painting and the work I'm doing. That's going rather badly. I might post a paper I'm working on about quilts, though speaking of going badly, that's probably going worse.

Also, everyone should watch Howl's Moving Castle. It made me happy. I am probably the only person in the world who hasn't seen it.

I was hypnotized today, but I wasn't supposed to be. They were hypnotizing the teacher and apparently I'm pretty susceptible to it. I figured I would be. Hell, I spend half of my life in a paint induced trance. I never realized I had such a specific happy place.

Anyway, I'll have another of these up tomorrow.
Ja, yo!

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