Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Craft: Chain Maille

Chain Maille Jewelry
Goldish and Silverish rings
Long enough to wear

Yeah, I couldn't help it, I saw the kits and I bought them and the next thing I know I have these two things done in a couple of hours. So I scan 'em in to show a friend, and I decide to post 'em.

I like 'em. They aren't real gold or silver because they make me break out, so I might give 'em away or sell 'em or something. Maybe not the necklace, I can wear it when I wear collared shirts. I dunno. I should be painting more... but sometimes ya just need a break in the monotony. Or the insane job from hell.

I have been painting, I just haven't been taking pictures of any of them. I don't much like 'em. They're for people and not just something I'm doing. I'm going to go finish them today. That will leave one more piece that has to be done before school starts (Eghads! only one day!) and then I will be done until the Christmas crunch.

I'm a tard.

And I'll get back to writing articles too. I really miss that. Yeah, I have only written one, but I like doing it, kay?

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