Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Drawing a Day - The Creamery

Creamery Scenes
Pen and Ink on Paper
Squareish (9ish by 9ish)

Since I work at Hobby Lobby and the Creamery is right next door, I eat there a lot. And while I'm waiting, I draw. So I've got these (and some others) done up. Most of these are done in less than 20 mins, but they can take a bit longer, or I might redo one...

I'd draw with my feet more, but it's kinda hard when sitting down. So some things are at weird tangents. I like these, but they are so... sketchy. And I don't spend much time on them, and so location is off.

But I think I'm getting better, and this practice every day is making me happy!



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greg-mcnoah0618 said...

I like them..