Saturday, October 08, 2011

Artumn Madness: Arkansas

The leaves have started to change in some areas and even though you don't see bright reds and oranges everywhere yet I've noticed the greens aren't the vibrant young greens we get during spring, and have even started turning from the full green of summer.

I'm up here in Arkansas painting great views like this badly for awhile. I'm much too out of practice in plein air painting and right now I am trying to get better. I've been doing so well I must be having an off day. Plus I've been used to tiny still life work for so long my brain is having a time adjusting. But I am painting. Even if I don't want to show my work! Just a quick photo.

How soon do you first notice the shift to autumn? What do you notice first? Do you have a very pronounced autumn where you live?


Marjoke said...

Out here (Holland) it's mainly the change of light that announces autumn, resulting in longer shadows and intenser colors everywhere, even in the sky. Great for painting (even though I haven't picked up a brush for months)!

Marjoke said...

P.S. hi, we've never met, but I sort of started following your blog after I googled the Zorn Palette one day. Great diversity of subjects! Keep it up (especially the painting)!

Vi said...

Hello there! I'm glad you've been following my blog and thrilled at your comment! I've looked at your blog and I love the ones from life drawing and painting classes! I've been missing working with the figure so much. It was always my favorite.

I normally think of Holland in the spring, but I bet autumn is a gorgeous time of year there, especially the way you're describing it! I love the colors you can get in shadows, plus the more intense colors to play off that. I bet it's magic!