Monday, May 14, 2012

Painting - Star Lady 2

Star Lady 2
Oil on Canvas

So... I redid this one. I think I like this new one better. I've decided it's really hard to do figures and portraits so small. Even though I've been practicing (a lot) I don't know if I'm actually getting any better. I think I should start painting larger. This is either 5x7 or 4x6 (forgot to measure and now it's in the other room. I'm being lazy right now) and I'm missing working with feet, rather than inches. Although, there is something nice about saying "60 inch high canvas"

Also, I am super stoked about the Italy trip I am about to go on. Stoked and nervous and excited and worried and really happy and... I'm really just a big ball of emotion right now. Trying to get enough money to extend my trip and take a side vacation to CERN <3 The physicist in me would completely nerd out on that. And all I'm lacking is about $600.

Anyone need a painting quick? :D

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