Saturday, May 12, 2012

Painting - Star Lady

Star Lady
Oil on Canvas

Hey there, long time no blog. Must admit I've not been super busy. Just trying to do a difficult commission, get ready for Italy, work on this commission, get over a terrible cold, and get another computer that will connect to the internet. Honestly, I haven't even been doing cool drawings in drawsome. Just regular stick figures!

So far, the computer has been the big deal. Sickness I can handle, but I didn't want to head on back up to Memphis while sick since my cousin is expecting her little bundle of joy. However, my computer not connecting here, and deciding not to charge (I blame bouncing dogs pulling the cord out over and over. I'm so not a dog person) has caused my ability to upload images to just... diminish.

I've painted a bit, though for the most part I've been busy trying to do commissions that are difficult. this one wasn't that bad. There were a few places I had problems and had to restart, but it could have been worse.

The other portrait... wow. I can't even begin to list the problems I am having with it. It's always tough to work from a photo when you like working from life. It's worse when you've got about four bad photos and you kinda have to make something up! And it's for family. And they have their ideas. And you were supposed to have met the person and know what they looked like... when you were ten.

I have a feeling this painting is going to take a lot longer. Oh yes. I won't say the project is beyond my power, but my frustration is making it difficult.

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