Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nano Novel, Going back to school, and Painting

I actually started editing on my novel. I did not think I would, because I was getting a little tired of the whole writing thing, but it went so well that I'm stoked. I plan on spending every lunch working on what I've done, bit by bit. And saving up enough money for a small little notebook computer that will fit in my work locker and be little more than a jump drive I can type on :P. That way I won't have to write and then type. Cuz that gets old, real fast. Probably why none of the articles I've written save two are on here. Yes, I know, I've actually written stuff that I've not posted. I suck.

I'm also excited because my mom said that she'd help me with getting another degree. I'm so happy! I mean, I love it that I have an art degree and everything, but I have always loved math and physics and I've been reading and learning all about theoretical physics for awhile and I'd love to go back and really learn it. Because I know nothing as far as the math and terminology goes. I get some of the ideas fairly well, but I sound like an idiot if I actually try and ask questions of people who actually know their crap. And I might turn my English minor into a major since I've gotten all of my GERs in everything else and I'd really like to break up the math thing. At least a little! Or I might go in for a history minor since I'm lacking a fair amount of that. At least when it is not tied to art history. Hehehe.

So... I'm hoping that Tech takes me back for a second degree and will actually do some paying themselves. Well, I can hope.

And I have this huge painting that I need to get done, but I have this huge block on it. So I said I wouldn't paint until I got it done. So of course I just haven't painted. I need someone to really kick me in the ass about this painting. I just... I just need for it to be done. Ugh. Why did I agree to do it? To do any painting?? :( I don't think I will ever take commissions again after this.

I think I'll stay up to paint, though the light sucks. I really don't care though. I've just got to paint. Get it done. I will post it when I'm through. It will be a day of celebration.

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