Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Doodles and Writing.

I've not been painting, but I do have an excuse. It's been raining like you wouldn't believe, and I need natural light. I have to go buy more roses to paint now, though I'm thinking fake ones might have to work. Ugh. Pulling a Cezanne there, no? Since I'm not doing them in any great detail I think they will work fine if fake, but I am worried about it. A bit, anyway.

I have, however, been writing and doodling. Which is fun! Because I get to be all tight and controlled while doing this second draft, and I can get all freaky with the doodles, since I'm not really trying to be all artsy with them. 

So I have about ten pages of doodles and only four typed, single pages of my story. And I've been working on the story for five days. I've only been doodling the last hour... Ow. The disparity.

I need discipline. 

But hey, I am posting! Cookie time!

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