Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not Painting, and Writing

After a string of wonderfully bad weather, I finally got to not paint because of my work schedule. Even having to leave early did not give me enough of the light I really need. I'm so close I can taste it and I'm just about sick with worry about getting the thing done before I turn thirty.

I'm painting tomorrow, rain or shine, because I have the whole day. I'm not even going to waste time getting some roses. At least not yet. I've got the bottom part of the dress and some lace to really get me started. After that, It'll be the roses and some touch ups, and then I'll varnish the whole thing because it really needs more than a matt fininsh. Not high gloss, but enough of a sheen so that it's just not blegh!

Writing has been going much better, in the fact that I've actually been attempting it. But this rewrite thing is so SLOW. I've knocked out all the plot, I've got the characters where I need them to be and where they are willing to go, I've written some of the best scenes, and I've gone back and made sure each scene actually had purpose and point... now I just have to go through, and really think about everything, write it from the correct POV, make sure it is interesting to people other than me, and make sure the dialouge actually works! 

I've gotten four pages. Single spaced, sized 12 TNR, so it's a pretty good amount. But it feels like so little. I don't want to not enjoy this, because I don't want it to read as painfully as it is being written.

It's completely different from how this blog is banged out. I really have to fight to bring everything out perfectly. I know that creates some of the best painting, but I actually trust myself when I paint. I trust myself when I'm ranting here. This book I'm crafting is much more difficult because I've gotten out of the habbit of writing intelligently and well and with a whole, whole lot of thought. 

Stream of conciousness is fine, but I'm no Faulkner and I know this. I want people to at least have a chance of liking my work!

- -

I did have pictures to post, but it takes this computer about half an hour to bring it and CS3 up, and before anything could work mom had to turn 'em off so, oh well. I need a better art computer X(

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greenvorlon said...

I'm not easily impressed, but your art is GOOD...