Monday, July 14, 2008


Front of the book!Inside of the book!
Back of the book.

Yes, I know, I forgot the spine. And it's a real shame because it's this AWESOME orange stripe. <3

I found my card reader under the seat of my car under more fabric than I should have. At least I think that now after digging under all of that to get to the stupid thing. I can't even remember why it was in my car to begin with.

Well, on to the instructions. After I get better at this I promise to put up a tutorial. (Though if you do a search either in google or stumbleupon there are a ton of good sites!) I got the basic idea for this on one of those.

Ok, so paper. Basic computer paper for this thing. I'm used to Rives BFK (if you can spare 5.00 a sheet it's my favorite!) and so this paper seemed a bit flimsy. Worked out all right. I didn't trim the edges because I wanted the 'handmade' look, but it's just not the same without the deckling. So, I cut the paper in half short ways, then folded four long sheets together paper, and stitched those together. I didn't have any mull or anything, so basic tulle and some random strips of fabric I had sufficed. For the boards, I used acid free matboard that I have in large quantities. Basic Elmers glue, basic fabric, and tada! Book!

I don't use a book press, cuz I don't have one. In school I used this giant (And HEAVY!) piece of metal. This time I just used spring clips around the whole thing. Works quite well. And I used pieces from a metal clothes hanger to make the spine of the book have that nice curve.

If I was to do it differently?

Uh... more glue. Lots more glue. And different paper. Blegh. If I hadn't had the paper already cut and pretty much put together (Summer project for kids not finished) I wouldn't have begun to use it.

I figure this counts as two painting a day projects. I know, excuses aren't becoming. XP

Until I finish my next projects (painting, writing, quilting and pyrography!)

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