Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Craft: Dorodango

I'll upload a picture after we get the stupid things dry.


What are dorodango, you ask? Shiny mud balls! Apparently young children in Japan really like forming these balls of mud, and sites explaining how to make them are popping up all over the interwebs (with the same set of instructions, heh).

Over coffee one morning three days ago my mom complained about being bored, and of course I suggested we try our hand at sculpting mud. She said I was being ridiculous and flat out refused. Three hours later we were covered in mud and, despite written instructions and video, had no idea what we were doing. Three days later we kinda figure it out and get one done, and start and almost finish another. Woo! They don't shine, but, whoa! They're like rocks or something. It's so cool!

And despite beautiful pictures and the fact that preschoolers like doing this, we just aren't getting it down! We want shine!! I guess I would settle for a smooth "capsule" of unbroken dirt, but that's another story. So, no painting. After three days of this, I'm muddy and tired. I might write about another palette. I've been thinking about the faux fauve palette, and after dealing in mud, I need the color!


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Yamada Shota said...

Hmm looks like a cannonball...
Hi Ally,
I love your writing and dorodango but...to tell you the truth I never heard of such a thing. Never.

I'm sorry I might break your dream but--where on earth have you figured it out from!!!