Thursday, July 31, 2008

Craft: Paperback Bookbinding

Paperback Book
Cardstock, Recycled Paper, and Printer Paper

I found this fun site which shows you how to make paperback books. Now, I've already tried my hand at making hardbound books with some good results, but I wanted paperback! So I found this site which has photo tutorials, a discussion on glue types, and video! Plus things you can make to make the process even easier. And it not that hard to start with!

If I wanted to I could even hardbind this book! I love books.

Can't wait until I actually make one with words or images in them. Especially my own! Right now these go in my purse and give me something awesome to write on when I'm out and about. It looks awesome and doesn't cost a fortune. <3

Also, in other blog news, I'm going to move all the craft posts to a craft blog and use this one for painting fun-ness and linking to ebay. So don't be surprised when everything tagged "crafts" ups and runs.


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