Saturday, August 02, 2008

Painting a Day - 27

Long Handle
Oil on Shellacked Card
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I'm getting back into the swing of things.

This was so much fun, even though I worked on it almost five times as long as I usually do. So much was going on in this painting... And can you believe it, the tomatoes were the hardest part. (I thought it was funny, they're cherry tomatoes, you see, and they are joined together like cherries!) My favorite part to do was that fun little tea towel thing. So cute too! Ok, the handle was pretty tough to. then I realized it was the mouth that was throwing me off, but I got it! At least, it looks like the set up. So we're good.

I feel so much better after doing a painting. I couldn't do one yesterday, I tried, and the day before that, I tried! And when I say I tried, it doesn't mean I went to my studio and looked at it and did nothing, I mean, paint was flying! Today it was flying and actually pulled together.

Ok, for the palette. I decided I wanted color, man. Cadmium Yellow Light, Indigo, Cadmium Red Light, Terra Vert, Black and White. I think there might be a touch of alizarin in the tomatoes. (Did I mention the paint was flying?!) Color is everywhere in this piece! Of course, it’s done from life and natural light. I think I love this piece. <3


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