Sunday, August 03, 2008

Painting a Day - 28

Honey and Flowers
8"x 8"
Oil on Masonite

I'm working with a lot of new things here. Square compotitions, more paint colors, and masonite. I mean, I've done and used all that before, but I've been doing the 5x7 format with the zorn palette on card so long it's good to step out of that box. This is with Cad red light, Cad yellow light, yellow ochre, white, indigo and terra vert.

I started out really tight, but I just do not like how tight looks. I love paint, I like to see it and all the colors. If I see green, I paint green. A bit of red in that green? That's in there as well. I like to keep my colors fairly high key, but still look more subdued from a distance. Of course I like for it to look fairly tight from a distance, but to really give the veiwer something to chew on as the get closer. I guess I kind of work like Kulike. His money he paints is amazing. I'm sorry I don't have a link to it.

I've been on a mini kick, haven't I? A mini thing of honey, a mini picture... heck, even the scissors are kinda mini. Fun! I might try oversized next. Or not. Whatever happens to catch my eye! This I was kind of playing with the idea of the cut flowers, and the scissors which does the cutting, and then the honey as something that comes from flowers. But not flowers that have been cut. So it's kind of a play on beauty and use! I thought it was fun...


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Tayete said...

Well done! I've been reading your blog and you seem to have a passion for art. Keep on the good work, and..hey, don't procrastinate (as I do), you are improving a lot!!!