Sunday, August 24, 2008

Page 1

Page 1
Brush and Ink
6.5 x 9

I've had this idea for a story without words for awhile, and I finally, in one of my books I made, sketched it out. I then chose 52 images and for a year (one a week) I will post this on my site, bohemiaacademia. I think it will be good practice, and fun. I hope to still be doing other painting and work as well.

I'm having art day on Tuesdays with one of my good friends from school, and I'm looking forward to that!

And I'm going to a job interview tomorrow. I hope it doesn't cut back on my work. Or my art. Or anything else. I have way too many projects.


Monica Crowe said...

Hi Ally, I heard about your blog from my friend Rosalyn. I'm glad you're coming to the art conference in Shreveport with us. I'm looking forward to meeting you. BTW, I'm linking to your sight on my blog:)

Monica Crowe said...

Oh, the blog is