Monday, July 28, 2008

Painting a Day - 26

Odd Sizes
5 x 7
Acrylic on Shellaced Mattboard

I'm a bit out of practice and I still don't know why I'm using acrylic either. I think I'll start using oil again. I thought I was doing something different and getting all into different mediums, but it's just not doing anything for me. Bleh. feel so much more... plastic... than oil. (yes, yes, I know!)

Oh well... oil definitely tomorrow. Or maybe not. I don't think I should let paint get the better of me ^_^

I'm just used to my nice, subtle color, and then I get bright red! bright yellow! bright blue!! For someone using the zorn palette so much, it's a bit of a change as well.

OMG! Those little pool balls are so cute. I've got a whole set. I've also got some new large ones, and some old large ones that I want to play with. I mean paint. Some are shiny, some are very dull. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm nuts now. Oh well! Something is so pleasing about a tiny pool ball and a shot glass. I think I'm just going to do some paintings of just that. I didn't really need to paint the tomato, avacado or onion, really. But I'm glad. It's kinda a study in contrasting colors and value. High keyed yellow and a nice red purple, and that nice orangy red and the dark green. and I like the kinda cream towel with the light blue/purple hazy background. Color theory FTW, yo.


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