Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Analytics - Just an Observation

I was wondering how people found my blog and I started looking up my stats on google analytics. Apparently I should have thought harder about my blog name. So far my favorite search term has been: "A separate piece essay question answers"

Bad students! Bad! Read the book! It won't kill you, I promise. Ok, fine. At least learn "piece" and "peace" are different. 

Ah, sorry about that. I know now that I post this I will get a ton more hits from these key words. I was thinking I should post links to information about the book, you know, to help everyone out. But I'm a bit lazy for that.

In other news, I believe my cousin has traced our family all the way back to Henry Fowler, King of Germany. I find this news pretty cool. I don't know how she did it, because I'm about ready to pull my hair out trying to trace my family tree up from the other side of the family. I apparently don't have a knack for following trails, or Scottish records are hard to find on this site. My cousin was able to stay in America (or the colonies) until the 1600s. And let's not get me started on the Native American side of my family. I'm never going to be able to trace anything back!

Well, it's late, and I have paintings due tomorrow. Laters!

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