Saturday, January 21, 2012

Painting - Cat

Oil on Mat board

I've been doing a ton of small commissions. It has been taking up all of my time, but I've been getting some nice work out of it. Not a lot of blog time though.

I've also came up with a business plan. This year I wasn't feeling the whole resolution thing. For the last couple of years I haven't really been making any resolutions, but I felt for some reason I should do something this year. So instead of making a resolution, I sat down and worked out a business plan for the first quarter of the year. This really helped me focus my ideas, though I've had to be really flexible. 

For one of my venues I was hoping to make about a hundred dollars a month  Not a lot from there, but a fair amount of fairly easy money. Unfortunately, I had a problem, and when I went to talk to customer support for the site, they realized they loved my art and started promoting it on their home page. I've made 200 dollars in one week. I don't mind the money, but doing this work has cut into my other work I was hoping to do on other sites. 

Like blogging. I was hoping to do a lot more work blogging. And updating my facebook page, which I haven't done since I started it. And uploading more work to Etsy. I've got the work, just haven't had time to describe it and post it online. But lucky me I've been rotated off the front page and after the 27th I should be home free!

Until then I'll be posting mostly drawings and paintings I've done. Still.

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