Thursday, January 26, 2012

Painting - Portrait

5 x 7
Oil on mat board

I was hoping to be done with all my commissions tonight. So of course I get a terrible headache! Oh well, it happens. I'm going to be finishing off a nice drawing that's already a bit late and hope I can get two paintings done tomorrow before they become late. Or maybe my headache will get better and I'll finish the paintings tonight! Woo!

Then, I'm going to sit down and write up a blog post about my business plan, and see how it's going! I believe I will be on track for this quarter. Did I mention I have an awesome deal on custom carbon sketches on Etsy going on? Link to the right. $25 for a single person portrait, 8.5x11 (letter sized, A4 for my lovely international buyers!)

And on fiverr I've got a special on 5x7 paintings like this one here. I'm not going to keep it up long!

And I've got to run finish the drawing. Just saw how lonely the last couple of months looked on my blog. Poor thing!

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Allan Jones Cleveland TN said...

Good one , Keep adding for the same