Saturday, January 14, 2012

Watercolor: Doctor Who

Jaya "WhoDat" Sharma as Amy Pond
Watercolor on Bristol
9x12 paper

So I have a friend who is really into Doctor Who, just like me! So when she posted on my facebook page as an answer to my request for five people to make stuff for, I decided to do this for her. I have had fun doing this thing.

Considering her reaction, I think she liked it! We even facetimed her sister and got her reaction too, which was incredibly fun.

I worked really hard getting the face to look exactly like her, but it was worth it as it does look like her now. Unfortunately I didn't take a good photo of it (I was too excited to give it to her) so I've got these two, one from the night I finished and one from Jaya's facebook page. It looks better in person I think.

Any fellow whovians out there like the drawing? The idea? Matt Smith? <3

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