Sunday, November 13, 2011

Painting: Abstract Acrylic

This is a detail of the large two foot by four foot painting I did for Varsha. I only had one night to do it, so Varsha chose a fun yet easy abstract piece to do. We had some modeling paste to give it a quick texture and then I painted the black, then the bright warm red, then used the cool red to blend them. For the grey areas I used silver with the white and black to give it a bit more sparkle. I'm not sure about the silver, it may have added a bit of sparkle but I'm not sure if it added enough. May have to add more.

If you look in the computer monitor, you can see the piece we were copying. For my own art I prefer not to do that, but we only had five hours and I decided if Varsha liked it, I wasn't really making money off of it. Just a piece for personal use.

I might try my own abstract work soon!

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