Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Craft - Bookbinding

Book Cloth, Japanese paper, gold paper, bookboard, rice paper, linen texture paper
4" x 10.5"

This is what I worked on for two days. Let me just say that everything was perfect. I sanded down the book board perfectly. I glued everything perfectly and there was not a drop anywhere. I hand cut each piece of paper from letter head that would have gotten chunked. Everything was lining up perfectly. And I had everything done except drilling it together this morning.

Le Sigh.

You can guess what happened from my picture. My drill decided all that work was for nothing, and skipped and made my post hole wonky. (That just sounds dirty!) But that is what happened. See the left post up there? See how it's angled down a little bit?? It's not absolutely perfect!! ARGH!

Otherwise, the book would have been absolutely perfect. Anyone want to buy me a drill press? Please? I'll give you a free book that will be absolutely perfect :D I'll even hand make the inside paper for you! I'm not above begging! No takers? Well, if you happen to know of a person who doesn't want their drill press and loves handmade books, please hook us up! I might make a person a book if they get me in touch with a person who can get me a drill press.

Also, I will soon have the most awesome website imaginable. I got tired of trying to code it myself, and I'm getting someone else to do it for me. Yay! I'll post a link once it's done. Shouldn't be too long as soon as I get the photographs ready for it. (Darn my computer for having me delete everything and making me do more work!)

Anyway, I have to go socialize at three, so I've got to head out and get ready to step out into sunlight for the first time in forever. OMG! Social interaction! I think I've forgotten what to do :D

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