Thursday, February 02, 2012

Craft - Spinning

Look at what I got! Batting for spinning yarn, and I'm very excited about this. My friend Rachel told me about a spin along she was doing and suggested I join up to, and I'm glad I did!

Basically, you don't know the batting you'll be getting, but you pick a card and you get batting dyed based on the card. I picked the card "la chalupa" for the yellow greens, blues, and oranges in the card, but the batting seemed more based on what was actually in the canoe. Doesn't matter, what I got was completely awesome.

What I can't show is the sari silk that just sparkles in this batt. Oh, it's just beautiful! I'm almost afraid to touch it, so it's a good thing I have batts to practice spinning on before I start working on this one.

I also still have about six paintings due tomorrow so I'm not starting till that is done! Might do it while the give away is going on.

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