Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Painting - Underwater 2

Underwater II
Oil on Matboard

When I was three, all I wanted to do was be a marine biologist. When I thought of becoming a marine biologist I dreamed I would swim with dolphins and collect shells and study tide pool ecosystems and paint just like Lassen. Obviously I was a confused three year old, but hey, I had a dream!

I still wouldn't mind being an actual marine biologist (even knowing that they don't swim with dolphins every day), but I sort of like my painterly style a lot more than the almost photo realistic style I used to have on every folder and notebook I owned.

I'm not knocking his style! I still love it, and given the choice I'd still buy a dolphin notebook to this day. But for my own work, it's just not me! So I loved having an opportunity to try my hand at the bright, underwater world I loved as a child.

Next I will probably visit my entomology years. :)

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