Saturday, February 11, 2012

Painting - Turkey Sammich 2

Turkey Sandwich
Oil on Mat Board

So, I got a commission to paint turkey sandwiches. I also got free reign. Which was great because what I chose to do was pick still life work that I liked, and I did a master copy while putting in a tasty sammich. I love the actual paintings. So fun, and vibrant, and they have some good painting I did. At least I think so. I know they aren't exactly like the originals, but the originals didn't have turkey sandwiches, and neither were they four by five inches. So I had to play around a bit with size and proportion and detail. 

I think I came up with something that works. Though honestly, I want to try this on a larger scale!

All right, now I have to finish thirteen paintings! I've got a few started, but these are going to do me in. Wish me luck!

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