Saturday, March 17, 2012

Craft - Spinning

Here is my spindle, complete with new yarn on it! Sitting on some fiber that will become yarn tomorrow. I did a few commissions today and sometimes I don't get to post those, which is okay, but I wanted to blog about something! And this fiber has just been sitting there.

I'm hoping I have enough to make a hat! I have some other yarns I spun as well, but they are in browns and grays. I think it won't bother me to mix these up! Especially since these are my own hand made yarns.

Truth be told I want to make a slouchy hat, and I have this pattern, but I don't think this yarn will work for that. Maybe it will? It's a fairly even width, bit it does get thicker and thinner in places and I'm not sure how it will work since I've never even knitted with yarn I haven't bought at the store!!

I need to work on being brave so I think I will just go for it! Wish me luck!

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