Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Painting - Lemons

Oil on Mat Board

I picked out these lemons yesterday because they have great color and personality. They look like they belong to the same herd. One is organic, and one is your basic grocery store lemon. I took off the stickers so I can't remember which is which. 

I think I want to cut them open and paint the juicy fruit tomorrow. I feel in the zone, so I sort of want to paint more, but I have two drawings I'm working on, and I think I can get them done today. It's only two! It's so weird when I finally manage to get up early. Everything seems just a little off. 

I've also got to do some writing for my new website. Well, I've gotten some done, I just hate it. So I'm redoing it. 

Also, I've been doing more with my Etsy shop: Still have a few more things to upload there! Feel free to pin and tweet and all of that fun jazz! All right, I'm going to go work now! 


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