Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Website and Newsletter

I am really excited right now!

I actually just used 'bold' because I was so excited. What am I so excited about? I am about to launch my new website, where I will be posting daily paintings, and selling them through an auction! I am also offering a newsletter where you can sign up for the daily painting emails, a weekly blog digest, or both! I've been working on this for awhile and I am finally starting to see the end of the tunnel. 

Every day I am going to be uploading new art pieces to my site. Normally I upload my paintings to Etsy, or sell them to random people who happen to see them on this blog. But I thought I would try something different. I am going to put each of my daily pieces up for auction on my website and let the price go where it will. I was tired of using eBay for an auction platform, and wanted my own thing. 

Where is my site, you ask? It is still under construction right now, but should be ready in a few more days. Until then, I have a sign up form for the daily newsletter. The people who subscribe to the newsletter will be the first to know when my website is up and running, and the first to have the links to the auction where you can buy the piece. Also, pretty art work to look at daily once it begins in earnest!

At first, I'm going to be linking to art that I've posted to the blog. So if you've been interested in any of the pieces, sign up and watch for that auction!

If you know someone who likes daily paintings or art blogs, send them here! This is just the start and more is yet to come! Sign up! I only require your email address, and I will never give it out!

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