Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Painting - A Bowl of Beans

Bowl of Eggs
Oil on Masonite

And here is my bowl of eggs! I love the bowl. It was a small one I made in pottery class and it has a wonderful shino as a glaze. Obviously it's one of my earlier attempts at a bowl with a very unstable base. I will definitely be using the bowl again, but I think I would prefer white eggs. With white eggs I feel I can really play with the colors.

I've got to work on the eggs some more, but overall I like the painting.

I'm about to go painting on the beach! If you're in Galveston, look for the person with a french easel wearing jeans!


nate xo said...

Its jst so beautifully do u do that,a tutorial wd help sme of us how admire ur c'on wdnt it?thank u .enrik

Vi said...

Hey there! I am glad you like my work! I did a tutorial about how I did all my still life paintings from life:

I pretty much use this process for all my paintings. I plan to do some more step by step paintings in the future too. In a lot of my posts I've added little tricks for some of my techniques, but I might do a list of those too as they're hard to find sometimes! Also, if you have any questions about how I do anything specific, just let me know and I'll answer it as best I can! Maybe even do a whole blog post for ya!