Sunday, April 01, 2012

Site Update!

First off, a big THANK YOU! to everyone who signed up for my email newsletter yesterday. It was great that so many people were interested. Everything is still up, you can go to the last post, or I added a slimline version on the side bar so more people could join the fun. If you think anyone else would like to join and get paintings and art in their inbox everyday, please let them know about it! 

I just wanted to update and let everyone know that I am going to be working on the site at three today, and hopefully by Monday or Tuesday I'll have the first paintings and auction up. I'll know after three when everything is going live, and send a tweet, facebook post, and post here about it! But the newsletter people will be the first to know!

The paintings will be in a range of sizes, mostly from ACEO sized up to 8x10", and they will be oil on mat board, or masonite, or canvas board or canvas. I will make sure that information is in the newsletter, the paintings page, and the auction description so you know exactly what you are getting. Right now, everything is through paypal, but I'm going to talk with the person who set this up for me and see if we can offer other checkout options as well. 

Hold on to your hats, this is going to be fun! 
(I'm so excited, this is me before my coffee... maybe I should lay off for today ;D)

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