Thursday, April 05, 2012

Painting - Cat in a Window Box

Oil on Mat Board

I have received several commissions and I'm very excited about this! Unfortunately all three of them are on a deadline and this has pushed back my website auction fixing time. I'm not complaining though. It's allowing more people to sign up for my newsletter.

This one was a smaller commission. I've not done many scenes with cats. Mostly close ups. This was quite different. I might revisit it. The cat was such a strange color. A sandy, dusty color with some weird, brighter undertones.

Maybe it was the photo.

Anyway, I've two portraits to do. Technically three, as one of them involves two people. And one involves a small baby, who is adorable,  but needs to have a bit of lazy eye fixed. Anyway, I'll post that one here. I might post the other one. Possibly.

And good news! I may be teaching a drawing class! I am very excited about this. If you live near the Memphis area and would like to be apart of it, please leave a comment or let me know through Twitter or Facebook. I'm trying to stir up some interest, and meet new people around here. Moving and making new friends is a bit hard when you work at home. I'm sure my roommates (Hi Melissa and Neill!) would love it if I suddenly developed a social life :D

Especially since the post office people suddenly don't like me any more. Sadness!

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