Monday, April 02, 2012

New Website is Almost Ready

I knew that I would run into some problems while trying to do this site. There always will be problems when I try to work with any sort of website, which is why I turned the site over to someone else to get it all set up. Well, as soon as it was turned over to me, I don't know what happened. But suddenly the gallery wasn't linking to the right post pages. My gallery just decided to link to its own pages that it decided to make. Weird, no? If it was just straight html, css, the like, it would have been an easy fix for me. Unfortunately the is wordpress. With a theme.


I know I should have just called my computer person right away and said, "help..." but unfortunately I decided to frustrate myself. He managed to get it fixed. The images look a bit different, but, eh, it's /working/ now! If you would like to see:

Let me know what you think so far! I'm still getting work to add, but I think the design turned out how I wanted.

I have not set up any auction yet. That is what I'm hoping to do today and have it scheduled to start at midnight. Maybe. I'll send out a newsletter the moment it starts, so sign up! There probably won't be a blog post about it until tomorrow after the auction has been going on for awhile.

Now, I have to go figure out how to get my card to work to pay the nice IT guy :D
And post a painting.
And go to the post office.
And buy milk.
And paint.
And set up the first auction.
:D Exciting!

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