Saturday, April 07, 2012

Drawing - All That (And a bit of Painting Advice)

All That
Carbon Pencil and Chalk

Yay, a new drawing. Sorry for still not posting some of my commissioned paintings. I've got two that I want to post, one is in Baton Rouge right now, and one that I'm in the middle of working on. So I thought I'd post this one, which I think turned out pretty good.

Hopefully I'll be done with my second commission painting today, perhaps tomorrow depending on how the painting goes. The one I did before I thought was going to take me a day. Nope. It took me /forever/ and I was not a happy camper. Or a trailer, or an RV. I was just not a happy anything! I don't know how y'all paint when y'all are in a bad mood, but with me, I paint badly. Horribly. And the whole experience is a meltdown of epic proportions if I have to continue painting while in a bad mood.

Like when I'm on a deadline. And I'm on the 12th rub out of the poor kid's head. I start to wail and cry and gnash teeth and say how I'm going to go back to retail sales and live a life of quiet, hopeless, desperate mediocrity because, well damnit, I can't paint one kid?! How did I think I was suppose to be an artist???

Usually this only lasts for several hours and somehow I usually manage to create a piece of art that doesn't suck as bad as I imagine while painting it.

The only advice I can give to artist who experience this to make it better? I have no words of wisdom. I tend to blow up and have a meltdown, work through it, and then go back to art creating. So far I haven't put in an application to a retail giant yet, so I think I'm doing good.

How do you get through those days where you really don't want to paint, but have to? They don't happen to me a lot, so I really don't have any good advice except it's going to suck and work through it. Does anyone else have something more helpful? I mean, aside from copious amounts of wine or whiskey... :P

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