Monday, April 02, 2012

Painting - Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Blue Eyes
2.5 x 3.5
Oil on MatBoard

This baby is sooooo cute! I was really afraid when I saw the photo because it was just too cute and I wanted to make sure it was painted /right/ ya know? I didn't want to have one of my bad painting days with this one. And luckily I don't think I did.

I normally don't do portraits this size. Actually, the idea of it really scares me, but I saw this little baby and I wanted to paint! Which is very odd for me on many, many levels.

I've started doing these little ACEO paintings for not much. I don't post the link here on my blog, but every once in awhile when I don't want to come up with my next painting, I'll post a link to twitter @Violinagin so if you are interested in having a tiny commission done, and really don't want to break the bank follow me on twitter! I'll probably send you the link if you send me a direct message there too. :D

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