Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Painting a Day - 1

Still Life with Knife
Oil on Shellacked MattBoard
The top piece has been sold

My mom and I are going to start doing Painting a Day images together, and these are our firsts! The top one is mine, and the bottom one is my mom's.

It took forever, because I was trying to teach. It wasn't just a straight shot to painting. So it took about two hours, but that wasn't just painting. Also, we started working with my brother who did nothing but whine and complain. It was awful at first. But then Sam settled down (didn't finish painting, but it was turning out okay. He's just OCD like I used to be).

Also because Sam was there, I had a really, really awful angle with the light. Mom had a really good angle. Sam had a great angle. Ah well.

Mom was so excited! And she should be! She doesn't even draw and then she turns around and does a pretty darn good painting. And she had such a fun time! It was fun working with someone who was learning about seeing all these random colors. It was very refreshing actually.

I'm happy, but doing a painting a day should help me get better. I feel kinda off kilter a bit. But I feel more excited than I have in forever!!

Oh, yes, if you wish to buy either, leave a comment. My mom said "If I could get a bit for mine I'd be so happy... it'd just make my day!"

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