Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quilt: First squares in our Quilt of Valor

Well, here we go! This is not going to be a basic nine patch, but something called a 'Streak of Nine Patch.' I've gotten all my nine patches finished and I'm pretty excited. Apparently I miscounted the first time and the person I'm working with had too few and I had two few and the extras... so I sewed the extras up and now we have plenty. Yay!

We're trying to do this with precision quilting, and all I have to say is HARD. I spent most of this time just undoing screwed up stitches. *sigh* And I thought I wasn't /that/ bad at sewing.

These look a bit odd because I haven't ironed them out yet. They really need it. I'm in love with that star fabric. It looks excellent with the red we chose. It might be a bit corny to go with a red.white.blue theme for a quilt of valor, but we wanted to be safe. I've only made one quilt before, and the girl I'm working with has not made one at all. We're working with a local authority on quilts, my former teacher and good friend Gaye Ingram, so it's coming along well. At least I think so.

I can't wait until we get this done! It'll look smokin'!!


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