Thursday, June 28, 2007

Painting a Day - 3

Still Life with Flowers
Oil on Shellacked MattBoard

Ok, this time I'm not totally pleased with mine. And looking at these photographs they look even more awful. But it is 9:27 and it's dark and I have horrible lighting. I will get better pictures of these things soon.

Mom's looks pretty good in real life. She's getting better at this 'value' thing. I think I'm going to get her better light. Definitely needs something better than a desk lamp.

I was a bit distracted. I might have a pretty cool job lined up at Hobby Lobby. I'll know more tomorrow. I do know my picture is tilted, so the bowl looks more off than it actually is. I won't say it's perfect, but it doesn't look /that/ bad.

Well, we got 'em done and I got 'em up. Three done! We're doing this thing, yo!


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